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4 Sewing Projects Kids Can Sew!

4 Sewing Projects the Kids Can Sew - The Little Bird Designs

It has started. My 10yr old son has shown a serious interest in sewing and I can’t stop him! He wants to make it all! We have decided to round up some of our favourite sewing projects for kids to sew! Our mission is to get other kids sewing too! Every image you see is a project that he has made with only a little help from me!

Colour Me In Book Pillow

4 Sewing Projects Kids Can Sew! - The Little Bird Designs

The Colour Me In Book Pillow is a project my son and I put together for National DIY Day this past March. It’s an easy pattern with only a little help needed for the zipper. Its explained in a way that makes every step easy enough for your little person to make it. Make it colours to match their bedroom and they’ll have a pillow to treasure for years to come!

Chibi Bag

4 Sewing Projects Kids Can Sew! - The Little Bird Designs

The Chibi Bag by Little Moo Designs is an excellent starter bags for kids. No fancy hardware needed and all straight lines. My son made his Chibi Bag almost entirely himself and just had me topstitch the final steps. The pattern is well written and easy to understand for everyone!

Tiny treasures Pouch

4 Sewing Projects Kids Can Sew! - The Little Bird Designs

The Tiny Treasures Pouch is a personal favourite of mine! It has a few options to choose from! Glitter, clear or mesh, the possibilities are endless! We decided to continue our Super Mario theme and add some gold coins and fruit charms in his and he loved it! Remember though, glitter is evil so make sure it’s you and not your little one pouring that glitter in 😉

15 Minute Pillowcase

4 Sewing Projects Kids Can Sew! - The Little Bird Designs

This Pillowcase Project is a breeze to make and even for the most inexperienced sewist, it’s a quick sew! I cut it all out and he did (almost) the rest himself. I did the ironing. This project is great to get kids used to sewing straight lines because that is literally all that it is! Plus no raw edges and it will blow their little minds watch the “burrito” unfold!

Next up for my little man is sewing a stuffed animal! He is determined to make one so here’s hoping it is a fun adventure, for both of us! Are you sewing yet with your littles? I would love to hear the projects you are working on or patterns you’d suggest! We are always looking for new things to try!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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