Reposted from 01/22/2013

Back in October I was contacted by Denise from 50plussinglebbw.blogspot to do a review and a giveaway for one of my purses or bags. I knew this was something I wanted to do so the emails started to be exchanged. Unfortunately over the course of our emails both of us experienced a death in our families so the review was put on hold.
At the end of December I realized I wanted to do something special for Denise to help with the grieving she was going through. I knew that it was all the little things that were helping me to get over the death of my Grandfather so I sent her a little package to bring a little sunshine to her day. I sent Denise the bag we had discussed for the review as well a couple other little goodies along with a little note saying why I sent what I did! You can read about how this little package brightened her day at her blog here.

Shortly after that we discussed still going ahead with the giveaway that we had planned for the review. I’ll be giving away one Large Bow Tote Bag to a very lucky person. To enter the draw head over to  Denise’s blogpost at to enter and read all the rules and details on how to enter!

Be sure to take a browse around her blog as well, she does reviews and giveaways quite frequently on her blog so I’m sure there with be something for you to see/read!

Good luck in the giveaway! I look forward to sending a tote bag to one of you soon!


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