After a long and stressful day at work, coming home to my family is all I ever need! Tonight we decided to record my Little Man on the One Day app and sticking true to his humorous self, he had quite the responses to how Christmas works and what he wants! He’s never really been one to actually want to get too close to Santa at the mall, strange people and crowds make him anxious! This year though, he really wants to meet Santa and give him his list.

Now that he can write all on his own (a very smart 7 yr old!) he has put together his own list of what he thinks he should get! To everyone’s surprise, he isn’t asking for much. Having a crafty kid means he asks for fun things like crayons, markers and supplies every year and it makes shopping for him very easy (and I’m sure easier on Santa too 😉 )

Little Mans Xmas list

He also wants to make sure Santa visits both of  his homes apparently! He writes the funniest and strangest notes sometimes!

"Santa- Santa please come to my homes. Please Santa, Santa, Santa. Ho Ho"
“Santa- Santa please come to my homes. Please Santa, Santa, Santa. Ho Ho”

When I asked him to do the video he was a little nervous at first but the answers started to come easier the more we did… he also wanted to do many more videos afterwards! I’ll be sharing more videos on my Facebook Page in the next few days because he is pretty hilarious in front of the camera!

As you’ve been told, Santa has to come through the chimney where your tree is and stockings are! This is the first year we have a REAL mantle and fireplace in our home. I think this is making it more “real” for him! We also have a chimney in our back room which is why I asked him… but Santa isn’t coming in there because the tree isn’t back there!

In the spirit of giving, I’ve teamed up once again with the One Day App and a group of amazing Bloggers to bring you an awesome giveaway! This time around you can win a $150 VISA Gift Card, how awesome is that! The giveaway is open to US and Canada residents.

One Day is a great way to save funny little Christmas and Holiday memories with or for you kids! Downloading the app on your Ipad or Iphone gives you extra entries so you definitely want to and you can do that HERE!

OneDay Logo

If you make a video, share it with me via the Contact button above or post it to my timeline on Facebook. I love hearing what little ones have to say about Christmas! Are you somewhere between the naughty and nice list too this year?


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Disclaimer: I have been compensated for the review of OneDay however all opinions, videos and views are entirely my own because I truly do love this app and so does my family!


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