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Advice I Hope He’ll Use OneDay

Quite often we don’t put ourselves in front of the camera rather the people or things we love. For me I have hundreds if not thousands of photos of my son and nephews on my phone, not to mention the amount of crafts and creations I have on there as well. I’m not a huge selfie person so I rarely take photos of myself let alone a video! This was until I heard about the OneDay Instant Movie Maker app.

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This cool little app gives you lists of questions then allows you to take videos of the answers along with music and blends it all together for fun and memorable movies. They have sections for kids and adults so you really can put together something special for everyone!

Growing up I didn’t have videos to go off of for advice, rather you had to ask, or be given unwanted advice for all things as you grew. Luckily for me and my siblings, my mother had us when she was young so she was always willing to give us tips and encouragement throughout the years.

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One of greatest pieces of advice she has given us is to follow our dreams. Each one of us has aspired to be exactly what we had always dreamed of being! Sure I didn’t become a ballerina but my love for the beauty industry and sewing was something she passed along to me and is something I am incredibly thankful for! Seeing her achieve her goals of owning a successful alterations business working with high end designers only made me want to share my advice for my little man too! I don’t enjoy the sound of my voice recorded but I really wanted to put together some words of encouragement for my little guy. Being a very non-traditional and creative family what better way to give advice than a movie!

I’m really impressed with how easily the movie is to make and the fact that it puts the music in the background gives it quite a warm feel! I’m hoping with the advice I have given, my little man will grow up strong and confident having this video to look back onto! I do think though that YouTube has chosen quite a funny spot to freeze the movie… I promise I was wide awake making this 😉

Just for fun I think I will interview him next and see what advice he has for us! The questions for kids are quite fun and I am curious to see what sort of creative answer he comes up with!

You can download The OneDay app on any of your Apple devices through iTunes. Once you’ve got it, check out the awesome menu/theme choice and start recording. You can even save the video to your device and upload it to YouTube like I did, then you can share it everywhere, from Facebook to Emails, all your friends and family will love it! Plus there’s nothing cuter than recording your toddlers ideas of how animals sound!

My Advice for you: take a chance, step behind that camera, come up with the best advice you’ve got and record some memories for your kids and loved ones! If you are brave enough to share, I would love to see what you come up with!

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Disclaimer: I have been compensated for the review of OneDay however all opinions, videos and views are entirely my own because I truly do love this app!

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