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Things My Sewing Machine Hates to Love!

Sometimes I don’t get along with my sewing machine and sometimes it’s my best friend! In the past few weeks I have been sewing like a mad woman and this sewing machine and I have had some moments of disagreement. I thought I would share with you some of the things that I have fought with over!

Things My Sewing Machine Hates to Love:

1. It hates thin fabric no matter what I do… 3 needles, broken needles that is, the last time I was sewing something thin!

2. It loves an empty bobbin and will continue sewing like nothing is wrong before I get to notice! This usually means a good 6 inches and usually along a curve!

3. Super thick fabric… He’s picky, don’t make him do too much 😉 If you’ve ever broken a Denim needle you will know it’s hard to do but I have had it happen!

4. It hates being dirty and will make horrible grouchy noises if I don’t clean it enough and then it sends the tension in a tizzy!

5. Speaking of tension, don’t change it… Like ever or it will take you forever to get it back to normal… And forget about gathering or ruffling 😉 that’s gotta be done by hand!

6. Circles… This might be more me than it but straight lines are more it’s thing!

Even though it gives me a hard time he is faithful and has given me so much joy in creating hundreds if not thousands of items in the 5+ years I’ve had it! It never breaks down and it’s usually a quick fix if something goes wrong. I’ll never replace this guy until it breaks down for good and it will always be my main “Brother”!

My Brother Sewing Machine

Do you have a crafty item that you can’t live without but drives you nuts at times?

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