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4 Overused Words to Change for Thesaurus Day!


4 Overused words to Change for Thesaurus Day - The Little Bird Designs

Today is National Thesaurus day and as a writer, how do I not celebrate! When I am working on blog posts for myself, Andrie Designs or Craft Box Girls, I am constantly referring to a thesaurus online. Why? Because how many times do we really need to say something is “good” without changing words up! Plus, sometimes the word I am thinking of just doesn’t sound right! So together with some word-loving friends, I put together a list of some seriously overused words to change for Thesaurus Day today!

Impressive - 4 Overused Words to Change for Thesaurus Day!

Awesome– a word I personally struggle with. While most people blame Barney from How I Met Your Mother, I just blame the fact that I love the word. It’s well beyond the point of being overused and I am trying my hardest to not use it as often. Don’t get me wrong, I own plenty of things with the word on it but let’s start to switch things up! The next time you want to tell someone that the thing you saw was “awesome” try impressive instead. It’ll likely catch their attention more!Dedicate - 4 Overused Words to Change for Thesaurus Day!

Hustle– I strongly dislike the use of this word more than any. Can we stop “hustling” to get work done? When I think of being told to hustle, it seems like you’re being told to rush. Who wants to rush through their business or work? No one! Why not use dedicate instead to focus. It is much more direct at what you want to accomplish and it is certainly less forced!

Genuine - 4 Overused Words to Change for Thesaurus Day!

Authentic– We all have seen it, that #authentic on Instagram. If we’re all being authentic, does it start to lose it’s meaning? Why not focus on being genuine instead. Be the best you there is because there’s only one you out there!

Literally– Don’t get me wrong, I “literally can’t even” sometimes but that word “literally” is overused! 😉 Let’s try precisely or truly or even plainly when we want to describe who definite we are about a feeling or thing. Our 10 year old says literally so often that I don’t think he even knows what it means anymore!

These are only a small tasting of some overused words because let me tell you, there are worse ones if you search google. To be honest, I didn’t even know what half of them meant. I’m not sure if that makes me old or they just aren’t real words 😉 What words are you tired of hearing? Let me know because I love finding replacement words when I am writing!

Happy Thesaurus day!

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