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10 Things Small Business Owners Do!

While¬†impatiently waiting for a¬†number of¬†orders to arrive, I realized that there are some things that small business owners do that everyday people just don’t!¬†I decided to ask¬†some of my favourite Small Business friends¬†and got their insights into¬†some of¬†the weird, quirky or business-y things they do.¬†I knew I couldn’t be¬†alone!

10 Things Small Business Owners Do!- The Little Bird Designs

10 Things Small Business Owners Do!

  1. Stalking your mailman for your fabric, yarn, favourite supply order. Sure you don’t have time to even make the project it’s intended for, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want it now, like today, pretty please!
  2. Being “HANGRY” ALL THE TIME! Why you ask? because our eating routines have changed drastically. Sometimes we create through lunch because we “just have to get this one thing done” or dinner is suddenly a midnight task because you look up from your computer, sewing machine, knitting and it’s suddenly dark and you lost track of time!
  3. Losing your mind because you’re all out of your “late night work¬†snacks!”-Eva and Dell¬†– Please don’t do this, it leads to number 3 ūüėČ
  4. “Go do things at strange hours. Because we work strange hours. 3pm movie. Sure! Grocieries at 2am. No problem.”- Forgotten Cotton¬†– That’s what those 24 hr stores are open for right? Plus there’s no slow shoppers¬†at that time of the day!
  5. “Negotiating with yourself about how much sleep is really necessary to survive!”- Eva and Dell¬†– This happens A LOT especially if you have an event or show coming up. We’ve all been there “if I go to bed at 11 that means I will still get X amount of sleep if I get up at X”
  6. Constantly checking for messages, like all the time, doesn’t matter the hour of the day. While it looks like we are messaging our best friend at 1 am, it’s really just a customer we are committed to pleasing!- Forgotten Cotton
  7. “Keeping a notebook by your bed because inspiration for a new design always seems to come when you are falling asleep!”¬†–¬†Sassy Seamstress
  8. Go into negotiations over how much work you force yourself to do before you go pee”- Knitty Little Secret¬†–¬†because it can wait… right?
  9. Being that crazy person¬†covered in thread, yarn or even the dreadful glitter because you forget that lint rollers are a thing… wait… where is mine?
  10. Lists, for everything. There’s lists for supplies, lists of things to make or things to buy. Lists are literally everywhere and never where we need them!

Small business owners are a special breed. A breed that does things a little bit different but even with¬†all these little quirks, we still get stuff done and we are proud of all the hard work. In the end, it’s all worth it and that crazy journey is part of the fun, right?

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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