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My first Elephant Handmade Baby Quilt!

Today I finally finished what I am considering my BIGGEST accomplishment! I finally got my sister’s Elephant baby quilt done! I was very nervous taking on this venture as I am terrible at following directions and doing such perfectly straight lines. I was also terrified to cut into this gorgeous elephant fabric! This stuff is from FabricWorm and is organic cotton and cost my sister a small fortune to have it shipped. I DID NOT want to mess this up! The other fabrics and soft Minky fleece backing were purchased at Fabricland. Her theme for the bedroom was inspired by this Nursery that she found on Pinterest!

I am really pleased with how well this turned out! First time doing a blanket with different-sized blocks, the first time actually “quilting” the layers and the first time doing the binding around the edge! So many new things I had to learn but all in all I enjoyed the learning process the most!

Take a look at my first quilt!

I was given advice from Fat Quarter Shop on Twitter for sizing and they pointed me to a ton of amazing patterns and although I loved them all they were still a little too complex for my first venture into quilting! I hopped into a drawing program and made a mock-up of what I liked and knew I could handle! I did have to look up how to do the binding though! That was something that had me completely clueless! Thankfully I was able to find this truly amazing blog post by Crazy Mom Quilts and Mommy’s Nap Time on Pinterest and figured it out! It really was an “aha” moment after I sewed the first corner, which didn’t turn out “perfect” but I am so happy with it!

Check out the shots below so you can see just all the detail I put into it!

Next up for this nursery is a matching pillow, a MUCH easier task! I’ve got the pillow form all ready to go, I just have to cut out the fabric! After that, we have a list of things to make. We want to use up all the elephant fabric as much as possible! I think my sister bought about 5 metres of it so I still have tons to play with! Once it is all finished I will take a group shot of the handmade items with her very vintage nursery! All we need now is the baby… any day now baby… Auntie is ready for you!

*This post was originally written 12/04/2013 on my previous blog and reposted here*

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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