Reposted from 07/18/2013

I have started my first installment of child friendly bags and accessories. Many of my followers know I have been trying my hardest to come up with ways to use up my child themed fabrics and today turned out to be a perfect use for some of it! These little drawstring backpacks are about the size of a sheet of paper with straps that can easily be adjusted by untying the knot. I had our little dude show off the first one I made. As you can see from the pictures is a little stiff when it comes to forced photos! Oh and check out his awesome hair, it’s my first cool hair cut I’ve done! Sure it’s not perfect but I’d say a great first faux-hawk!


Fits perfectly on his back!

Showing off his new ‘do!

This bag is the perfect size for little bodies! My son is 6 and I had to tighten it just a little even for him. The seams on the inside are french seams meaning there is no exposed raw edge and have been sewn twice! Like all my items, it is machine washable, I just wouldn’t recommend the dryer as the straps are nylon roping!


Closed up, both front and back are the same.

Opened to show full size.

Knotted at the ribbon tab which again is sewn twice for durability!

I’m so happy with how well this turned out! I have 14 more ready to be finished and cannot wait to get my hands on them! It took my son a good 10 minutes to decide which one he liked so I imagine most kids will have the same trouble!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little update! Once the rest of the backpacks are done I will have them posted and listed on my website. Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for a post about my upcoming shows and events!

Happy crafting 🙂


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