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Mothers Day Craft Show- 30 Craft Market

The Little Bird Designs Booth

This past weekend on May 10th I once again participated in another great 30 Craft Market. I got the opportunity to have 2 tables set up and so happy with not only the turn out but how colourful my booth was! I had many new wallets, pouches a few new bags and clutches! Also what do you think of the skirt that I wore? I made it the night before the event and I love it to pieces! It will be getting a full post this week!

Little Clutches

Clutches, clutches and more clutches!

Keychain Pouches

Little Keychain Pouches

Melin Tregwynt Bags and more

Limited Edition Melin Tregwynt Collection

Robin Wallets

New Robin Wallets

Like usual I went shopping at a few of the vendors and wanted to share what I bought along with a little bit about each vendor! Keep reading below to find more crafty folks to follow 🙂

For this show, I got to be beside the always lovely Lyndsey from Jewelry Creations by Lyndsey. We met a year or two ago at a 30 Craft Market when she had come to check out the show! Ever since I have been addicted to her rings, earrings and so much more! Going into this show I knew I wanted to buy earrings because you can never have to many…. right? So this time around I bought pretty shiny pink ones!

Jewelry Creations By Lyndsey Craft Booth

Jewelry Creations By Lyndsey Craft Booth

Earrings By Jewelry Creations by Lyndsey

My new Swaroski Crystal Earrings

My good friend Vanessa was also at the show! She is the one behind Beadness Chainmaille & Beadwork and she always seems to impress me with something new when I see her! So much in fact, the earrings I bought from her were made that day during the show! Hot off the pliers and into my hands 😉 I also picked up this cute little bracelet for my little man. We are pretty sure he is Vanessa’s #1 fan, whenever he sees her, he wants to buy it all! When we first moved in, one of the first things he wanted up on his wall was his Chainmaille Dreamcatcher that we got from Vanessa for Christmas, talk about dedication!

Beadness Craft Booth

Beadness Craft Booth

Stretchy Bracelet by Beadness

Stretchy Bracelet

Chainmaille Earrings by Beadness

Chainmaille Earrings

Amanda from Lemon Seed has been doing the 30 Craft Markets as many times as I have, I’m sure between her and I we have done everyone of their shows! She makes the cutest little Travel Colouring Wallets, Notebook covers and cozies for coffee cups and Kleenex! I love seeing her booth because quite often we have the same fabrics and I love to see how she has used them! Little man LOVES to colour and as soon as I saw this little Green Hippo colouring wallet, I knew he had to have it and he LOVES IT. Now we have the perfect way to keep him entertained while at restaurants 😉

Lemon Seed Craft Booth

Lemon Seed Craft Booth

Inside of drawing book by LemonSeed

Inside of drawing book

Travel Colouring wallet by LemonSeed

Travel Colouring wallet

The lovely Joe From WoodCarvingsByJoe has to be the sweetest man I’ve met! You can feel the love he has for his work as soon as you walk up to his table! He has won many awards for his woodworking skills and I can see why, he’s AMAZING at what he does!

WoodCarvingsByJoe Craft Booth

WoodCarvingsByJoe Craft Booth

Happiness Birds

Happiness Birds

My favourite thing was his happiness birds! Every time someone came to his table he told the person to pick the little bird up then he would say “Now, don’t you feel happy” and that alone put a smile on every single persons face!

As soon as I saw him at this show the first thing I noticed was this bright blue box with a carved bright yellow bird, my  two favourite colours and a fancy version of my logo…. it was a sign…. so I bought it 10 minutes later 😀 The little wooden bird on a stick I actually picked up in September from him and has become a staple on all my booth displays!

Custom Jewelry Box and Bird

Custom Jewelry Box and Hand Carved Bird

Custom Jewelry Box

Inside of box with mirror and dividers

So yet again it was another successful shopping and attending show! Cheryl and Stu have recently changed the rules for 30 Craft market to allow Vendors to sell half of their items at over $30. This means I am now able to bring my higher priced bags that people prefer to see in person!

The next show is June 28th at the Silver Bean Cafe in downtown Peterborough and it will be all outdoors! I will have more info clsoer to the date about what I will have along with a list of other vendors attending, it should be a great turnout!


Thanks for reading along folks, be sure to check out each persons page or website. Maybe you too will find that special something (or two… or three…) for you too! Happy Crafting!


Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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