Shoulder & Wrist Exercises for Makers - The Little Bird Designs

Shoulder & Wrist Exercises for Makers

As a maker, I am always using my hands, day in and day out! Every once and a while this means my hands and wrists become exhausted. It also means my shoulders get the brunt of the pain too! They are holding these arms after-all 😉  Read more…

Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs feature

I Did a Brand Photoshoot & You need to do one too!

Back in May Julia Weitz was offering discounted photoshoots. I absolutely love her style of photography AND she’s Jess’s sister (from Julia’s Sister!) so I had to jump on this opportunity! Going into the shoot I was initially aiming for new head-shots because my last ones were from Blissdom Canada in 2015. It was time! […] Read more…

Tea Makes Everything Better - The Little Bird Designs feature

Tea Makes Everything Better- A Memorial

This post is going to be a little emotional but also wonderful at the same time. In January of 2016 my neighbour purchased a gift card from me (my nail studio) for their grandmother. At the time, I had no idea what to expect when it came to meeting this woman or what going into […] Read more…

Who Let the Pugs Out - The Little Bird Designs - feature

“Who let the Pugs Out” Row by Row Block

I’m so excited to finally get this out there! Here’s my first OFFICIAL Quilt Block Pattern! While I have designed mini patterns for the Feature Me Everyday Tote, this is the first time I created a full size pattern that can be turned into a quilt and I am so pumped to tell you all […] Read more…

Simple Sharpie Slippers - The Little Bird Designs feature

Simple Sharpie Slipper Craft

Every once and a while, I take one of my sisters kids to give my little man a little company. Back in March I took my oldest nephew and while he was here, we decided to get a little crafty! I was sent some Sharpie markers in January to test out for planning but I […] Read more…

The Ultimate Summer Bag - Tough Tote - The Little Bird Designs feature

The Ultimate Summer Bag – Tough Tote

This has been an exciting week! Liz from Bitter Candy Handmade released her second pattern, the Tough Tote. She really hit the nail on the head with this design and I cannot wait for you to see what I have done with it! I asked Liz about what inspired her to design this bag and […] Read more…

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