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Get Your Skin Clean with #GarnierSensitive

You know that saying “Practice what you preach”? Well sometimes, not always, I have a hard time following it! My daytime job is working at a spa as an Esthetician and is something I am incredibly passionate about. Oh and in case you’re wondering, I don’t just do nails, this job entails so much more. The number one question I get everyday is What can you do for my *insert issue* skin? and most people have no idea what or how they should be taking care of their skin!

Did you know even the oiliest of skins needs a moisturizer? Yup even you, it just needs to be the right consistency and not have any heavy oils in it. I have the craziest of oily skins but I religiously wash it everyday as everyone should… but here’s the catch- I don’t always wash my makeup off and this is the part I am ashamed of! I tell clients everyday to make sure you wash your face before bed. That pillow case of yours is slept on anywhere from 8-10 hours and if you are heading to bed with a face full of makeup, your pores are just being clogged and will cause those black heads you see and even pimples!

I had never bought a makeup remover before, I just always used my cleanser but with my oily skin, the cleanser is a little to harsh for my eyes so it was used quickly on them which meant there was always makeup left behind. Last week I was sent a bottle of Garnier Clean + Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser to test out and I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical at first, I’m an Esthetician after all, so I research any and all products I get my hands on!

Garnier Clean Plus Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser Review

With the help of one of my co-workers Jen, we got out her cosmetics ingredients dictionary and set to research what I had been using on my skin now for just over a week!

Cosmetics Ingredients Dictionary

To our surprise, we were really impressed what was on this list! In case you read the bottle and think “Um none of this is real stuff” it is, it’s just the chemical name for each ingredient! One of the main natural ingredients, Moringa Seed, is a derivative of the horseradish family and has excellent antiseptic (cleaning) & anti-inflammatory (calming/soothing) properties. It also has 3 natural plant based skin conditioners in it to soften your skin. See, we were really impressed! Plus it is fragrance, alcohol, dye and oil free- we checked, it really is!

For me determining how well it works for sensitive skin was going to be difficult as I have the complete opposite skin! You could put a high end peel on me and not even the slightest bit of red happens! Now lucky for you guys (not for me!) I had eaten some food over the weekend and had a bad reaction so my skin was incredibly angry and this makeup remover was just as it said- very gentle on my skin and actually soothed the irritation I was experiencing!

Now for all you oily skinned folks, keep in mind this is a LOTION based cleanser, so use this as your first step in skin care. A lotion base can sometimes be too much for this skin type and I did notice some black heads- not because it necessarily caused them but that my skin couldn’t handle that much moisturizer on top of the lotion I was applying after. So my oily friends, I still think this is a great product for you, just make sure you use your recommended skin cleanser after to clean out those pores!

In case you aren’t sure, your daily routine of skin care should include:

1. Removing makeup

2. Cleanse skin (make sure your water isn’t too hot as this can cause issues!)

3. 1-2 times a week, scrub that skin with a gentle exfoliant suited to your skin!

4. Moisturize, even you oily friends, try a lotion instead of a cream!

I will definitely continue using the #GarnierSensitive Clean + because it takes off my professional makeup better than anything I have ever tried and mascara doesn’t even stand a chance! Plus now when I tell my clients to wash their face every night, I know I am doing the same thing now too 😉

If you give Garnier Clean + Makeup Remover a try, let me know how it works for you, and if you have any skin questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Disclamer: Product has been provided by Garnier Canada, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Garnier Canada.

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  • Hannah Spray

    What great tips! I’m definitely not a “wash your face before bed” type of person (I know, I know, I should) and there may have been once or twice in my life when I washed off makeup before bed (I know). I don’t generally wear makeup anymore, though, so when I do now I notice how crappy my face looks and feels in the morning more than I did before. Great to know about this product, and all your helpful and professional tips! Thanks!

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