Month: August 2018

Shoulder & Wrist Exercises for Makers - The Little Bird Designs

Shoulder & Wrist Exercises for Makers

As a maker, I am always using my hands, day in and day out! Every once and a while this means my hands and wrists become exhausted. It also means my shoulders get the brunt of the pain too! They are holding these arms after-all 😉  Read more…

Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs feature

I Did a Brand Photoshoot & You need to do one too!

Back in May Julia Weitz was offering discounted photoshoots. I absolutely love her style of photography AND she’s Jess’s sister (from Julia’s Sister!) so I had to jump on this opportunity! Going into the shoot I was initially aiming for new head-shots because my last ones were from Blissdom Canada in 2015. It was time! […] Read more…

Tea Makes Everything Better - The Little Bird Designs feature

Tea Makes Everything Better- A Memorial

This post is going to be a little emotional but also wonderful at the same time. In January of 2016 my neighbour purchased a gift card from me (my nail studio) for their grandmother. At the time, I had no idea what to expect when it came to meeting this woman or what going into […] Read more…