Month: July 2018

Who Let the Pugs Out - The Little Bird Designs - feature

“Who let the Pugs Out” Row by Row Block

I’m so excited to finally get this out there! Here’s my first OFFICIAL Quilt Block Pattern! While I have designed mini patterns for the Feature Me Everyday Tote, this is the first time I created a full size pattern that can be turned into a quilt and I am so pumped to tell you all […] Read more…

Simple Sharpie Slippers - The Little Bird Designs feature

Simple Sharpie Slipper Craft

Every once and a while, I take one of my sisters kids to give my little man a little company. Back in March I took my oldest nephew and while he was here, we decided to get a little crafty! I was sent some Sharpie markers in January to test out for planning but I […] Read more…